Greubel Forsey DOUBLE-TOURBILLON-VISION-PT-MOP Double Tourbillon 30 ° fake watches
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    The world time is visible from the back of the case,greubel forsey replica with a fixed 24-hour scale, marked by areas of day and night, and a disk with the initials of 24 cities, representing different time zones. The disk also distinguishes time zones that implement summer time (daylight saving time), which are shown in light colors; Those that don't. The back of the box also offers an opportunity to enjoy the quadruple tourbillon as well as the frosted bridge with jewelry set in the gold chawton. Two complex asymmetrical convex sapphire crystals protect the dial and the back of the case and also require maximum expertise.

    This masterpiece of contemporary aesthetics has 66 unique editions. The first edition of 11 of them, numbered 01/11 to 11/11, is made of white gold and is placed on a plate in the center of the dial.

    Hand winding movement, 3 patents
    Greenwich time •2 time zone • rotating globe with world time and day and night •24 time zone world time • city observation summer time • horizontal window showing equator and southern hemisphere •swiss replica watches Greenwich time push hand • quadruple tourbillon • hours and minutes • small seconds • power reserve
    Diameter :39.50 mm
    Thickness :13.00 mm
    Quantitative part
    • movement :705 parts
    • four tourbillon cages :260 parts
    • total cage weight: 2.25g
    • spherical differentiation :28 parts
    Number of jewels :84; An olive-domed gem set in a gold belt
    Power reserve during measurement :72 hours
    Drums: three sets of tandem rotating drums (one turn per 3.2 hours), one of which is equipped with sliding spring to avoid over-tightening
    Balance wheel: platinum average time screw for variable inertia (10.70mm diameter)
    Vibration frequency :21 600 / h
    Balance spring: phillips terminal curve; Geneva - style stud
    Main plate: nickel-plated silver, ground, with polished bevel and sink, striated flanks, nickel-palladium treated
    Bridges: nickel-plated silver,fake watches uk ground and speckled, polished bevels and sunken grooves, striated flanks, nickel-palladium treated; Gold plates engraved with personal Numbers; Flat black polished gold plate with embossed text, polished bevel and sunken groove, straight grain side; Four flat black polished steel tourbillon Bridges, hand-polished bevels and caisson grooves, straight grain sides

    In SIHH 2019, Greubel Forsey presented their latest work, art Edition history. With an open mind, three-dimensional structure and highly original geometry, the new art work editorial history crowns the pioneering aesthetic techniques behind many outstanding works. This limited edition watch is made up of 33 limited edition watches (the first 11 are platinum), combining technology, exclusivity and the finest craftsmanship, in the spirit of Greubel Forsey's revived and updated concept of fine watchmaking, showing a new vision of time.

    Historiography of works of art
    Greubel Forsey manufacturing company was founded in 2004. They focused on art and invention techniques -- double babylonian rotating mechanism and other innovative mechanisms found in creation 30°, greubel forsey double tourbillon 30° technique four babylonian rotating mechanism, Greenwich time and Grande Sonnerie -- and highly original aesthetic methods of architecture, with Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey pursuing their creative process.

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