Bomberg BB-01 GENT BLACK CT43H3PBA.01-1.9
  • BOMBERG introduces the new BB-01 series replica watches for sale with a diameter of 43mm for the elegant and gentle gentleman. The perfect round case with harmonious proportion, the pointed hands and the face plate, with the deformation mechanism that can be switched freely into a watch or pocket watch. Table two wear, free to change, plus a strap system that can be quickly replaced, whether it is Nato woven strap, leather strap or Milan metal chain strap, a few simple actions, can be converted into different styles, you can Sports and leisure, you can also become a fashion wear and match pieces, at any time to show the distinctive personality.

    The new BOMBERG BB-01 series 43mm models are available in a variety of color combinations and materials, including all-white stainless steel, black and white stainless steel, black and brown stainless steel, and black and red interlaced black PVD stainless steel for different personalities. BOMBERG tastes men's, ever-changing multi-combination. Every day, like a new watch, every time you can bring different surprises to everyone.


    Stainless steel / quartz movement / hour, minute, second display / mineral glass mirror / diameter 43mm

    Beauty has a personality, temperament girl new definition

    BOMBERG introduces the new BB-01 series with a diameter of 38mm for the graceful urban women. Although the design elements are the same as the men's watch, the size is more petite and the details are more refined. Together with the colorful matte color combination, it creates and Men's watches are completely different from the feminine temperament, especially after changing the straps of different styles, just like changing the noble dresses of different design styles every day, every time they appear on the scene is eye-catching.

    The new BOMBERG BB-01 series 38mm style is more bold in color and material. In the case of black PVD stainless steel, there are black and pink dials, blue and black color palettes, brown and black combinations, and The gold PVD stainless steel case with a white dial version adds a touch of style that is both light and fickle. This is the trait of women in the new era. It is eclectic, versatile, and versatile. It is always in keeping with the changes of the times and playing the best performance of the BOMBERG

    BB-01 female watch

    Stainless steel / quartz movement / hour, minute, second display / mineral glass mirror / diameter 38mm

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