Urwerk EMC TIME HUNTER X-RAY watch Review
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    URWERK UR100 SpaceTime watch tracks the earth from your wrist

    Known for its dazzling track display, URWERK is a more comfortable brand than its challenge audience. Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime,Although many of the creations of this crazy company seem complicated at first, the time mechanism used is very intuitive. Fortunately, reading them at a glance does not take a long time to master. However, here, for the least common brands, we have something less common: the URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime not only tracks time, it also tracks the Earth's itinerary and the itinerary of our people's surface. day.

    This new model from URWERK takes the brand's track concept to a new level. In previous models, time was indicated by a series of arrows or pointers that were running on the relay system, one of which took over from the other when its work was completed. Historically, the pointer that just completed its shift will disappear again for two cycles and then appear again at the beginning of the minute track. However, in the URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime, each of the three red markers remains active for most of the journey around the dial. The measurements they take take turns, followed by the distance of the Earth moving, and then the distance traveled through the Earth.

    In addition to the time display, swiss movement replica watches,there are two "cut out" registers for this model. The lower half of the dial can be used to read the time. The hour is displayed on the “active” minute hand near the center of the dial. For example, in the image above, the time is 8:18.

    The additional registers occupy either side of the upper half of the dial. On the left, between the traditional positions between 9 and 10, there is a register showing the Earth's distance between 0 and 555 km. If you stand on the equator and assume that the Earth is spinning on its axis at its "average" speed, it takes almost 20 minutes to complete. It is not the same distance traveled through the Earth, it is indicated by the right hand side of the dial between the traditional positions of registers 2 and 3.

    The Earth travels through space (approximately) 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes. The progress of the journey on Earth and on Earth is indicated by the tip of the red arrow, and after a two-hour break, it will once again play the role of prime time.Hublot Big Bang 45mm replica

    So what is the judgment? Well, although the information provided is very interesting, it is not as practical as a chronograph (if there are half chances, many people will be happy to discuss the practicality). This is a great way to make the dial more active. This novelty is commendable, but from a clock point of view, this is a shortcut. In theory, you can take whatever happens for 20 minutes and make a scale based on this. For example, you can use a scale to indicate the distance traveled by the sun's rays in 20 minutes, or the distance that Halley's comet travels in the same time. The clever thing is that the scale is so esoteric, actually ambiguous, and can adapt to almost anything. it works? No. Using space creatively? Yes. Fully URWERK? undoubtedly.

    The URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime is powered by Calibre 12.01. 12.01 is a pleasing mature sport that focuses on longevity, not just simple features or appeal. The rotor is protected from significant impact by a component called Windfäng (Swiss-Germany "Air Traps"). This damping system minimizes the stress experienced by the rotor bearings over time. The diameter of the rotor itself is greater than the average, thereby reducing the mass. This also results in less peripheral stress on the central rotor bearing.Patek Philippe Grand Complications replica

    Calibre 12.01 has a very tight tolerance, which is largely due to the minimum gap between the three rotating "pointers" and the three-dimensional "cut out" registers. Since this watch is an amazing wearable 41 mm wide (14 mm thick, 49.7 mm lug to lug), the size here is greatly reduced. The 28,000vph operating frequency and 48-hour power reserve are about the minimum we expect for this refined product. As always, I would prefer a lower frequency and a higher power reserve, especially if there is no second indicator.

    In the end, the URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime is a philosophical timepiece. The brand has never pretended anything other than a creative and fearless adventure. We should look forward to bringing manufacturers of URWERK UR-1001 Titan pocket watches to watches or URWERK UR-111C Cobra watches. There are a lot of people who ask why designers are troubled, but in the case of URWERK, the question is really "Why not?"

    The URWERK UR-100 is available in two versions: UR-100 Iron (somewhat confusingly made of titanium and steel) and UR-100 Black (also made of titanium and steel, but coated with black DLC). Both models are limited.Richard Mille RM 063 replica watches



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