Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Baguette watch AS800.40.AP.YK.A
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    Jacob&Co. Astronomical Tourbillon

    For the first day of 2017, I want the most spectacular replica swiss watches I have ever seen in the current one - the tourbillon astronomy from Jacob & Co.

    Before I start to introduce information about this stone beast, I want to ask you, if possible, to see this watch. You will never regret it.

    The first showcase is a 18K rose gold case with a diameter of 50 mm, a thickness of 25 mm and a sapphire hole on the side to provide a complete view. The bottom cover is wound and timed by two 18K rose gold rotatable "bows".

    The sky layer is made of pure gold star stone and 18K rose gold. The top crystal is a sapphire with a special dome anti-reflection treatment.https://www.chronosale.co

    Front display: hour and minute dials, the central dial rotates in 20 minutes and the moon formed by faceted spherical diamonds (1 karat diamond cut into 288 facets - exclusive Jacob and Co. patent) rotates on 2 axes For 60 seconds, the magnesium paint globe is rotated on the 2 axes for 60 seconds, and the gravity tourbillon can be rotated on the 3 axes: 60 seconds for the first axis, 5 minutes for the second axis, and 20 minutes for the third axis - the central axis. The tourbillon's cage has a J&Co logo - a good touch without damaging the Aventurin background of the writing. What makes it possible is the patented differential gear system.

     The dial is made of magnesium, which is an unusual choice for the dial, but it adds weight to the gear system and balances everything. Painted Roman numerals at 12/3/6 and 9 o'clock. The hands are dark blue, slanted and polished.http://www.bagsbagu.com

    This watch specializes in the exclusive manual movement of Jacob & Co.: JCAM10 - a three-axis gravitation tourbillon with a hairspring. The movement is 40mm in diameter and 17.15mm in height, with 365 parts, 42 pieces of jewels and a 60-hour power reserve (very low frequency: 21600 vph or 3 Hz) - impressive.

    As expected, the surface effects are impressive: hand-angled steel and polished panels and bridges with side draws, round textures and sink finishes. The screws are ground, the barrel has a rounded texture, and the pinion used is conical. As the bearing, four mechanical ball bearing devices were used. The main material used is titanium - making the movement very strong, but because titanium is much harder than gold or steel, it makes it more difficult to manufacture.

    This edition is a limited-edition, self-signed series with a crocodile leather strap and a 18K rose gold folding clasp. The 18K white gold version has the same characteristics as the rose gold version, the only difference being platinum.replica luxury watches, For those who like a little bling, here is the astronomical tourbillon baguette.

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