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    breitling bentley BREITLING announced that it will launch two new works together with sustainable clothing company outerknown, which is jointly founded by legendary surfer and member of the action team Kelly Slater: the new super ocean watch outerknown Special Edition (SuperOcean outerknown) and the first series of outerknown econyl ® gauze NATO watch belt by Breitling. The collection includes 18 eco-friendly watch bands that can be paired with any Breitling watch. The strap is made of econyl ® yarn, a material processed from recycled nylon waste, such as discarded fishing nets from the oceans of the world. Since 1957 when the original super ocean watch came out, Breitling has been known as an excellent diving watch in the industry. The brand continues to launch high-performance diving wristwatches with excellent quality. In recent years, especially through the cooperation with outerknown and its co-founder, the world-class great surfer Kelly Slater, the brand emphasizes the importance and investment of Breitling in cleaning the ocean and clean beach.

    Like Breitling, fake watches for sale outerknown works with the ocean conservation association to raise public awareness of the issue of marine litter. In 2018, Breitling has launched the super ocean heritage chronograph 44outerknown special edition to pay tribute to the partnership between the two sides. Today, the brand is happy to work again with Kelly Slater and outerknown to launch a new watch inspired by their shared commitment to clean the world's oceans and clean beaches. Now the two brands are committed to clean Ocean and clean beach. The outerknown econyl ® yarn NATO strap takes this commitment to a new level.

    The strap is made of econyl ® yarn, a material processed entirely from recycled nylon waste. This series has written a far-reaching environmental declaration in 18 styles and models. The styles include six different colors and four different sizes, and are equipped with standard precision steel buckle or diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated precision steel buckle. These styles not only contribute to the ecological environment, but also are full of dynamic and fashionable atmosphere. "We are very pleased to have a good partnership with Kelly Slater and outerknown," said George Kern, chief executive of best swiss replica watches Breitling.

    The super ocean watch outerknown special edition is undoubtedly an excellent watch, but the significance of the innovative band series is more profound. It marks another important step on the path of sustainable development that we are all concerned about. " Kelly Slater agrees: "I often say that the ocean and the beach are actually my office. I will try my best to keep them clean. Our new econyl ® ribbon, created in collaboration with George and the Breitling team, takes us a step closer to a cleaner environment, and we are very proud that our name can be associated with these products. It is important that they raise people's awareness of participation.

    The sea and the beach belong to all of us, so we want to encourage everyone - --men, women, young and old - to contribute.

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