• More Demanding Production Process

    If you think of the Guangdong region is covered with orders, it will goes into production errors. In fact, not all orders are for city business, taste. According to industry sources, in the production technology, production of shoes and sports shoes are very different perspective from the test items Graham Glasgow Lions Jersey , women s folding properties, wear resistance, peel strength, hardness, has a fairly high demand. Once the hot pressing process requirements do not meet, or the production process of leather shoes with non compliant adhesive, the bulk of the shoes may result in open plastic void.

    In addition, to Guangdong, carving up of orders not only Quanzhou enterprises Michael Roberts Lions Jersey , as well as Wenzhou, Chengdu shoe production base in the enterprise. Between them and the city formed a highly competitive business, with clients saying is: Who is hard enough for the production technology, offer reasonable enough, who gave orders to do. The most urgent is the quiet work of the founding. Shoe factory in Jinjiang, a small factory director said the company should be in the shoes on the production process to seek change, try to grab those shoes no obvious short season orders.

    Try to value added production across large shoes is a shoe making industry, industrial upgrading. Shoe City Chamber of Commerce official said, the current flows from Guangdong Quanzhou most orders are in the low price of shoes alone.

    Generally less for the first time trial order Kenny Golladay Lions Jersey , companies must have excellent production technology to further cooperation with new customers, so companies can start small volume production, until the time of the maturing process, the do exported in large quantities.

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