• We are having a boot held on our throats," said Candida Carvalho, 52, a pensioner, adding that despite having worked for 40 years adidas superstar uk , she was earning a pension below the national minimum wage of 485 euros a month.

    "Next year the government will make cuts worth thousands in education, which means they'll close more schools and lay off teachers," said Paulo Macedo, 52, a secondary school teacher. "My position has been frozen and I am forced to take yearly auditions. "

    The protest http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/vans-classic-slip-on-black-white-wholesale.html , organized by national trade unions, came after the country's Constitutional Court recently struck down several measures in the state budget for the year of 2014, including further cuts to pensioners and salary cuts in the public sector.

    The country's national trade unions want the center-right ruling coalition to ease off spending cuts and lift the national minimum wage to 515 euros.

    Armenio Carlos, leader of trade union CGTP, told protestors in downtown Lisbon that the government was "crossing the red line" imposed by the country's constitution http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/adidas-superstar-2-print-sale-black-white-shoes.html , pointing to cuts in the national health service, education and pensions. He called for another protest on July 10, the same day the parliamentary debate takes place.

    Portugal is expecting to raise value added tax even further from the current rate of 23 percent, but the constitutional court said the public sector pay cuts of between 2 percent and 12 percent was "excessive."

    Though the country ended its 78-billion-euro bailout program with its international creditors on May 17, the government and its European partners have insisted austerity is necessary to meet its budget deficit reduction targets -- cutting the budget deficit from 4.9 percent last year to 2.5 percent in 2015.

    The country's unemployment now stands at 15 percent http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/nike-air-force-1-flyknit-low-all-black-shoes-uk.html , while its national debt is close to 132 percent of the country's gross domestic product.

    All-Purpose Blanket

    Youl never regret throwing a blanket in the car before heading to a soccer match. Bring one that has a weatherproof side and a soft, flannel side for all-purpose use. Whether it a chilly day or you need something to sit on, blankets are necessities for every sports mom http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/vans-sk8-hi-uk-black-white.html , not just soccer.

    Keeping one in the car at all times makes for one less thing to remember. Make sure to wash it regularly to get rid of grass stains, dirt, food crumbs, and bugs.

    Sunscreen + Bug Spray

    Two obvious essentials for summer, but especially for long hours out on the soccer field. Lather up your soccer player with SPF 50+ sunscreen and reapply when possible after two hours. Make sure to choose sweat-proof formulas that last longer and won run into eyes. Don forget to use sunscreen yourself http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/vans-classic-slip-on-white-vans-shoes.html , even if youe sitting in the shade or it a cloudy day. UV rays can still cause damage through cloud cover or shaded areas.

    Insects are an inconvenient problem during the summer, especially in hot and humid areas. Use a sweat-proof bug spray that protects against ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats, all common bugs in grassy areas. Bonus points: choose a bug spray with natural ingredients and oils.

    Insulated Cooler

    For all-day tournaments or sunny (AKA blisteringly hot) afternoons http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/adidas-superstar-slip-on-slip-on-adidas-white.html , having a cooler bag transforms your sideline experience. Leave bulky box coolers behind and choose a high-quality soft cooler instead. These are made to keep drinks and snacks cold longer and are far easier to bring with you on-the-go.

    Having an insulated backpack cooler means you have two free hands to carry more things or hold hands with your soccer star on the way to the field. Backpack coolers made with tough materials and easy-to-carry straps mean even your kids can carry it. Look for cooler bags that can hold at least 15 liters or a dozen drinks plus ice. Staying hydrated on and off the field is important during hot summer months, so stock up on sports drinks and water bottles.

    Portable Chair

    Investing in a portable chair or two can keep you comfortable for those extra-long matches. For stadium seats or bleachers, bring seat pads that make sitting on hard surfaces easier.

    Choose a folding camp chair that includes a durable bag that makes it easy to throw in the trunk on the way to a game or to practice. Look for one that includes cupholders for ultimate convenience. Youe going to be outside for a while; you might as well be comfortable!

    First Aid Kit

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Whether your all-star soccer player has a minor injury or a sibling has a small cut or bug bite that needs attention, keeping a first aid kit on hand is a smart idea. Make sure that your kit includes:

    Being prepared isn just a great Boy Scout motto - it the secret to fun soccer days too. From backpack coolers to SPF sunscreen http://www.superstarshoesuk.com/discount-adidas-superstar-white-black.html , plan ahead and enjoy watching fro. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Online Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Online Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys

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